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Ketan SinhaKetan Sinha
05:02 23 Jan 24
It was great working with Damon and Alex as they helped me with my first property purchase. From property research to negotiations, they navigated every step with precision, exceeding my expectations. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a trustworthy partner in their real estate journey.
Gillian LGillian L
00:12 17 Jan 24
Damon helped us find a wonderful condo in the Dunbar area. He is very down to earth, knowledgeable, passionate about real estate and has a great sense of humour! His patience and honesty were much appreciated as we took several months to find the perfect place. His professionalism ensured we found the best condo for us and he helped us negotiate the best deal possible. I highly recommend you give him a call if you are buying or selling!
Tiffany ChuiTiffany Chui
03:56 12 Jan 24
My husband and I have worked with Damon several times over the years for the purchase and sale of our Vancouver townhome and then again for the purchase of our home now. He is personable, knowledgeable and definitely embodies the Client First mentality. Our sale process was smooth and successful. In our recent purchase, Damon really spends time to understand what we are looking for in a home and gets the job done even in a multiple offer situation to really sell our story. I was in delivery of my second baby during closing/negotiations and we got the call 15 minutes after her birth that our offer for accepted! Would definitely recommend!!
kelly Boskelly Bos
01:47 10 Jan 24
Damon was very patient waiting for me to be ready to buy and was there when I needed him. We bought at the peak of craziness...sellers market. There were many other offers but Damon worked tirelessly to secure the deal for me and I havent been happier. Also he is just a very comfortable person to work with.
Geordie GilsonGeordie Gilson
19:45 28 Nov 23
Alex and Damon were amazing during our sale and purchase. They were super helpful and managed to accommodate two very different work schedulesSelling and purchasing houses can be an extremely stressful time in one’s life, and these guys made it so easy, 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell.
Nikita ChhabraNikita Chhabra
04:20 01 Sep 23
Alex has been a wonderful support in our home journey, he was always unbiased when showing us potential listings. He came forward with his thoughts when we needed guidance but nothing can stress the importance of a realtor who does not pressurize you but gives you the most genuine time and value. I would always look to work with him in the future. I would recommend the next home buying process with Alex in a heartbeat.
Client Stories
Ken & Tiffany

Negotiations While Giving Birth

In the heart of a real estate market that thrived on speed and competition, we helped a family whose journey demonstrates resilience, hope, and the profound impact of a personal touch in the world of property negotiations.

Ken, Tiffany, and their son Eisen were on a quest not just for a larger home but for a space where their growing family could flourish.

Amidst a backdrop of skyrocketing prices and dwindling inventory, their dream seemed increasingly out of reach.

From the outset, Ken and Tiffany’s criteria were clear, yet the market’s pace and the impending arrival of their second child compounded the challenge.

Each viewing and passed offer took its toll, with the family’s optimism waning under the strain of a seemingly impossible search. However, the moment we discovered what would become their future home, a flicker of hope ignited.

Despite entering a multiple offer situation, there was a collective resolve to secure this particular home.

Leveraging the personal story of Ken and Tiffany’s expanding family became our winning strategy. Understanding the sellers—doctors and parents themselves—allowed us to connect on a human level that transcended the typical transactional nature of real estate.

The coincidence of the offer period with their daughter to be’s birth provided a unique opportunity to convey the depth of my clients’ need and desire for the home. This personal appeal, coupled with a robust offer, swayed the decision in our favor.

The culmination of this journey was nothing short of cinematic. As Siena entered the world, we received the call that Ken and Tiffany’s offer had been accepted.

The emotional resonance of this moment—marked by tears of joy from all involved—underscored the significance of home as more than just a physical space, but as the setting for life’s most precious moments.

Turning to the sale of their townhouse, we faced a market at a turning point.

With strategic exposure and staging, we aimed to showcase the home in its best light and were all awarded with a new sales record for the complex.

This achievement was not just a professional accomplishment but a personal triumph, reinforcing the value of patience, strategy, and personal investment in each client’s journey.

Reflecting on this experience, we’re reminded of the power of empathy, the importance of strategic thinking, and the profound impact a dedicated professional can have on individuals’ lives.

Ken and Tiffany’s story is a testament to the belief that great outcomes, even in the most challenging markets, are possible with the right process.

Their journey from frustration to elation, with a new home and a new family member, is a narrative we’re proud to share—a reminder of why we do what we do, and the difference we can make, one family at a time.
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